Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hidden Emoticons(yahoo)

Surprise your friends with these hidden characters.

You won't find these in the emoticon menu, but you can send them by typing the keyboard shortcuts directly into your message.

Available Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons (1)
Emoticon Key Combination Description
puppy dog eyes :o3 puppy dog eyes
I don't know :-?? I don't know
not listening %-( not listening
pig :@) pig
cow 3:-O cow
monkey :(|) monkey
chicken ~:> chicken
rose @};- rose
good luck %%- good luck
flag **== flag
pumpkin (~~) pumpkin
coffee ~O) coffee
idea *-:) idea
Available Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons (2)
Emoticon Key Combination Description
skull 8-X skull
bug =:) bug
alien >-) alien
frustrated :-L frustrated
praying [-O< praying
money eyes $-) money eyes
whistling :-" whistling
feeling beat up b-( feeling beat up
peace sign :)>- peace sign
shame on you [-X shame on you
dancing \:D/ dancing
Available Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons (3)
Emoticon Key Combination Description
bring it on >:/ bring it on
hee hee ;)) hee hee
chatterbox :-@ chatterbox
not worthy ^:)^ not worthy
oh go on :-j oh go on
star (*) star
hiro o-> hiro
billy o=> billy
april o-+ april
yin yang (%) yin yang
bee :bz bee
transformer* [..] transformer*

Thursday, August 20, 2009

PREVENT gmail hacking!!!!!!

A line at the bottom of the Gmail window indicates when your account was last used and also links to more-complete usage info.

You can use this activity log to determine whether someone has guessed your password and taken over your account.

If you're a Gmail user and are concerned as to whether your account password has been compromised, there's a link at the bottom of the screen that shows when your account was used and from where.

"At the bottom is a message Last account activity: xx minutes ago at IP [or on this computer] and a link: Details. Click the Details link, an
d a pop-up window shows all sign-ins over the last couple of days, together with other useful info and a button to Sign out all other sessions."

Figure shows the information presented in the Gmail account activity log when you click the Details link.

View recent activity on your Gmail account to determine whether someone other than you has signed in. (All IP addresses are obscured in this image.)

If you find unfamiliar IP addresses or activity recorded when you weren't using the account, reset your password immediately and notify Google of the breach.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What make windows 7 different from others?

Aero Peek

Aero Peek expands on Vista's Aero graphical interface. If you have many windows open, Peek brings the window you want to focus on to the front, while turning all other open windows into transparent "glass sheets." Peek also works on the desktop. If you mouse over the "Show Desktop" control at the far right of the taskbar all windows on the desktop turn to glass, allowing the entire desktop to be seen.

Sharing with HomeGroup

HomeGroups let you easily link Windows 7 computers on your home network to share pictures, music, videos, documents and devices such as a printer. In order to s

et up a HomeGroup, a user's Network Location needs to be set as "Home" in the Network and Sharing Center. When you create a HomeGroup, you specify which media files, folders and devices you want to share, and create a password so that o

nly people with that p

assword can join the


Media Streaming Options

Media Streaming in Windows 7 has been simplified to share photos, video and music with other PCs on your home network using the new Homegroup feature. Remote Media Sharing, a new feature in the Windows 7 release candidate, allows users to stream information over the Internet to share media remotely. Media Streaming Options lets you restrict

which specific PCs have access to your media by choosing "more streaming options..." from the Windows Media Player "Stre

am" menu.

Play To

Once Media Streaming is enabled on your Windows 7 PC, the "Play To" feature lets you to send media to other Windows 7 PCs or devices in your network and play it

using a remote control window. From Libraries

within Windows Media Player or Windows Explorer, you can right-click on your media and send it off to another devic

e. For example, you can send video clips to a television, or music to anot

her laptop that's connected to speakers.

Aero Snap

Maneuvering between

windows is a pain, and comparing the content of two windows side by side requires awkward resizing that never quite works. Aero Snap is a feature that allows users to snap any two windows side by side. You grab a window and move your mouse to the edge of the screen and the window will fill half the screen. Repeat with the other window and they are locked next to each other.